Targa Florio from Home with Biblioteca Storica Digitale and ACI Sport TV

06 April 2020 Classica

Thanks to ACI Biblioteca Storica Digitale and videos on ACI Sport TV, the history of the "Cursa" is relived

In these difficult days, when we have to stay at home, there is no shortage of free content related to the Targa Florio, which can allow fans of the "Cursa", the oldest car race in the world, to relive its history. Thanks to ACI and ACI Storico channels, you can access professional and engaging contents.

First of all, thanks to the ACI Biblioteca Storica Digitale, full of publications and historical documents, enthusiasts will have the opportunity to find many publications, but also fantastic historical images of the Targa Florio.

Among these, the presence of the first issue of the magazine "Rapiditas", founded by Vincenzo Florio, which starting from the first edition of 1906 of the Targa Florio, was published with the intention of celebrating, especially through graphics and photographic images of the event, the modern myths of speed and progress of the automotive world. To realize the ambitious aesthetic motivations that inspired its birth, just read the editorial of the first issue of the magazine, in particular where it states: "Speed is the typical character of modern life, no other symbol could more effectively summarize the fervour of thought and action that marks our era.” The first issue of the Rapiditas magazine can be viewed, downloaded and printed in the “Publication ” section of the ACI Biblioteca Storica Digitale.

Sixty years later, the book "La Favolosa Targa Florio" was published, issued by the Automobile Club d'Italia - Editrice l'Automobile, signed by Giovanni Canestrini. The book was presented in the ACI magazine, l’Automobile, on May 8, 1966, with a dedicated cover. The book "La Favolosa Targa Florio" can be viewed, downloaded and printed in the "Publications" section of the ACI Digital Library.

But the chances of reliving the Targa Florio are not only in the printed publications. More recently, in fact, the video of the 100 years of the Targa Florio, made right in the Centenary of the Targa Florio by ACI, and today easily viewable on the Youtube channel of ACI Sport TV in the section Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi, at the link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z_-3q2x7-mk&list=PLSqfi65vae2VxCUo73JiB08eKChx8X10O&index=7&t=0s

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