Fifth victory for Giovanni Moceri and Valeria Dicembre

18 October 2020 Classica

A podium of FIAT 508C, The Ferrari Tribute goes to Pizzuto and Serri


The victory has arrived for the impeccable Sicilian couple: Giovanni Moceri and Valeria Dicembre, Scuderia Targa Florio, add the fifth Targa Florio Classica to the trophy board, to them also the victory on the Circuito della Favorita in Sunday's event. "We made few mistakes" comments the driver originally from Campobello di Mazara "this year though opponents, very high level of competition".

Their 1939 508C accumulated a total of 289.12 penalties over the two race days. Followed by Angelo Accardo and Filippo Becchina, Scuderia Franciacorta Motori, with 364.62 penalties, third the MAFRA flag bearers Mario Passanante and Enrico Di Mauro with 390.45 penalties for a podium entirely made of FIAT 508C (respectively from 1938 and 1937). 

A strenous fight in the days of competition: first the head to head Moceri-Passanante, who last year resulted in the victory for the second after the calculation of coefficients; this time the outcome is different, with Passanante facing some difficulties in the first average tests but not giving up, while the rival does not make mistakes. Then Accardo and Antonino Margiotta attempt his supremacy. The latter, paired with Vincenzo Bertieri in the 1947 Volvo PV444 for the Registro Storico Volvo, finished fourth, with 449.82 penalties, unfortunately slowed down by the failure of the medium gauge during the second stage.

Fifth position for the 1938 BMW 328 of Alfonso Facchini and Luigia Olivetti, then the 1971 Lancia Fulvia HF of Maurizio Magnoni and Marsia Vanoni, followed by the 1968 Peugeot 204 of Saverio Romano Mazzalupi and Arianna Lozzi, the 1934 Bentley 3.5 Tourer VDP of Filippo Gazza and Amalia Nocco and the 1938 FIAT 508C of Alberto Diana and Annamaria Revello.

The 1966 Porsche 911T of the other TOP driver crew, the duo of Ruote Classiche competing for Tag Heuer, Himara Bottini and Carlo Di Giusto, closes tenth, driving debut on this fascinating but impervious path among the treasures of Trinacria for the driver, who came from the victory last year as a navigator on the FIAT of Passanante.

Double victory this year for Scuderia Targa Florio, with Angelo Pizzuto and Susanna Serri's victory in the Ferrari Tribute to Targa Florio with the 1999 Ferrari 360 Modena. Even for the category that the prestigious Maranello brand dedicates in homage to the famous legacy of the oldest car race in the world, the trophy remains in Sicily, Pizzuto is in fact President of AC Palermo, which with ACI and the support of ACI Sport and ACI Storico organizes the competition.

The Targa Florio Legend, classification reserved for cars produced from 1978 to 1990, goes to the 1980 Ferrari 308 GTS of Vincenzo Ferrari and Giovanna Berghenti, while the Targa Florio Gran Turismo, for GT cars produced from 1991 to 2019, goes to the 1996 Porsche 993 4s of Vania Parolaro-Fullin and Paolo Ferrari.

In the morning, upon returning from the celebration of the Circuito della Favorita, the awards ceremony, the floor to the President of the Automobile Club d’Italia Angelo Sticchi Damiani: "Others have thrown the towel this year, we did not. We are here" remembering all the commitment in not letting wonderful stories like the Targa Florio stop. A real asset, as the Vice President of the Sicily Region,  Gaetano Armao, who spoke at the award ceremony: "an extraordinary asset of the Sicilian heritage, without ACI and AC Palermo would not be here today".

Then Marco Rogano, General Manager of ACI Sport SpA: "Thanks to the participants who believed in this event all the way with us" he then continued recalling all the organizational efforts made during the year and, in particular, in the last days for a prompt reorganization that would allow the event to be carried out in total safety. His thanks also to all those who contributed to this year's edition: the sponsors ACI Global Servizi, Sara Assicurazioni and MAFRA, the institutional and logistic partner Museo dei Motori e dei Meccanismi del Sistema Museale dell’Università di Palermo, the technical partners Acqua Fiuggi, Chin8 Neri, Duca di Salaparuta and the official timekeeper Tag Heuer.


Awards List

Targa Forio Classica

Absolute rankings

1.         Moceri – Dicembre FIAT 508C 1939

2.         Accardo – Becchina FIAT 508C 1938

3.         Passanante – Di Mauro FIAT 508C 1937

4.         Margiotta – Bertieri Volvo PV444 1947

5.         Facchini – Olivetti Bmw 328 1938

6.         Magnoni – Vanoni Lancia Fulvia HF 1971

7.         Mazzalupi – Lozza Peugeot 204 1968

8.         Diana – Revello FIAT 508C 1938

9.         Gazza – Nocco Bentley 3.5 Tourer 1934

10.      Bottini – Di Giusto Porsche 911T 1966


I class

1.         Moceri – Dicembre FIAT 508C 1939

2.         Accardo – Becchina FIAT 508C 1938

3.         Passanante – Di Mauro FIAT 508C 1937


II class

1.         Margiotta – Bertieri Volvo PV444 1947

2.         Carenzi – Spataro FIAT Barchetta 1100S 1954

3.         Dubois – Dubois Alfa Romeo 1900 CSS 1955


III class

1.         Micheli – Salvi Porsche 356 1959

2.         Mastagni – Mastagni Alfa Romeo Touring Spider 1961



IV class

1.         Colombo – Guerrucci Porsche 356 SC Coupé 1965

2.         Rossetti – Morao FIAT Campagnola 1965

3.         Mulé – Mazzola Lancia Fulvia 1300 S 1965


V class

1.         Magnoni – Vanoni Lancia Fulvia HF 1971

2.         Mazzalupi – Lozza Peugeot 204 1968

3.         Bottini – Di Giusto Porsche 911T 1966


VI class

1.         Converso – Ameglio Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1973

2.         Pellerito – Lo Sicco Lancia Fulvia Coupé 1300 1976

3.         Mattioli – Pensotti FIAT 124 Sport Abarth 1973


Tribute Ferrari to Targa Florio

1.         Pizzuto – Serri Ferrari 360 Modena 2003

2.         Sachs – Sachs Ferrari 488 Pista 2018

3.         Vergamini – Fabrizi Ferrari 488 GTB 2015


Targa Florio Legend

1.         Ferrari – Berghenti Ferrari 308 GTS 1980

2.         Stieren – Stieren Alfa Romeo 33 4x4 1984

3.         Castello – Pascal Ferrari GTS Turbo 1988

4.         Vintaloro – Vintaloro Porsche 911T SC Targa 1978


Targa Florio Gran Turismo

Partner Istituzionali

  • Automobile Club Italia
  • ACI Storico
  • Ac Palermo
  • Regione Sicilia
  • Città di Palermo