The 100th Targa Florio comes to a close amid great applause

08 May 2016 Classic

A sea of spectators along the route and in Palermo.

An edition that will go down in the history of car racing for the oldest race in the world. The stars’ statements, the names of the winners.

Palermo, 8 May 2016 - “A Targa Florio that returned to the beauty of its golden years, but the most thrilling moment was seeing all the great car racing drivers together, once again behind the wheel, in many cases in the cars they competed with in days gone by. I want to thank the Alfa Romeo Museum for this and the many collectors that wanted to make their treasures available to us.” This was the comment of the ACI Chairman, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, at the Floriopoli Paddock, on the 100th Targa Florio.  

“An analysis of this Targa Florio is decidedly positive, a success with the public who once again showed how much this island loves car racing, and Targa Florio even more. We have also seen how this historic race can be a major flywheel for the city, thanks also to its Mayor, Leoluca Orlando who was a wonderful host and to the city authorities for their marvellous cooperation. – added Sticchi Damiani. I would like to thank the institutions and all those who took part in this success, measured by the words of satisfaction I received, firstly from our partner Alfa Romeo and from the many guests and famous participants, from Jean Todt to Muhtar Kent through to John Elkann.

The 100th Targa Florio has just come to an end and the winners of the Rallies (Italian Vintage Car Rally Championship, Absolute Rally Championship) and Targa Florio Classic have been announced. The winners were greeted in a Piazza Verdi packed with fans and enthusiasts.

As regards the Absolute Rally Championship, Paolo Andreucci and Anna Andreussi won the race in a Peugeot 208 T16.

While Erik Comas and Yannick Roche took the victory in the Italian Vintage Car Rally Championship in a Lancia Stratos HF.

The winners of this edition, an edition that will go down in history, were Giovanni Moceri and Daniele Bonetti in a FIAT 508 C from 1939, followed by Andrea Vesco and Andrea Guerini in a FIAT 508 S BALILLA SPORT dated 1934. Third place went to Mario Passanante and Anna Maria Pisciotta in a FIAT 1100 103 E/ from 1955. 

“After winning the 99th, we wanted to win the 100th. – stated Giovanni Moceri and Daniele Bonetti, winners of the Targa Florio Classic - This Targa Florio has shown there is great passion in Sicily; it is a race with a history that can give the Mille Miglia a run for its money. A great race, thanks to all those who made all this possible. The streets lined with people, a success for all of Sicily.”

An edition that will go down in history, as mentioned, because it brought together all participants in ‘a cursa, building a bridge between the past and present, celebrating the great legends that made the history of the Targa Florio in the Historic Speed; legends that paraded in front of the Floriopoli stands this morning, bringing us back in time.

“The first times I tried the Targa Florio circuit with the Alfa, I thought it was impossible to do a race on these roads with prototypes that raced almost like in Formula 1. But then when a driver dons his helmet, he starts to race. I felt great exhilaration in doing tight bends at high speed and seeing people in front of me suddenly appear in and disappear from the mirrors." This was what Helmut Marko had to say yesterday during Passion Day – an event organised to bring together the general public and drivers who took part in today’s Historic Speed – at Teatro Al Massimo.

And Angelo Pizzuto, Chairman AC Palermo also summed up this 100th  edition: “An edition boasting great figures, both competitors and spectators, which makes it easy to understand how important this race is in the international racing scene, but above all among people that showed great affection. – he explained – This is the starting point for ambitious projects that include relaunching the Madonie mountains and our area, which can be a major boost for future key sporting, tourism and cultural events thanks to Targa Florio.” 

The Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando also commented on the results of this edition. “It was wonderful to be able to celebrate the relationship between Sicily and the world of cars.” And when speaking of his city which was the start and finish of the Targa Florio Classic, he added “Palermo is not a painting, but a mosaic with stones that can be more or less beautiful, but which together generate great harmony.”

A future to be looked on confidently, given the success of this 100th edition, which also went beyond expectations for many aspects. In the rain and sun, among breath-taking sceneries, with famous competitors and extraordinary cars, the oldest race in the world showed that it is more than just a magnificent leap into the past; it is also a bet that has been won for the coming years. ‘A cursa, as its founder called it, goes on. 

The value of the 100th Targa Florio was added to by the involvement of leading brands linking their names to “A Cursa”. 

Alfa Romeo and Abarth, which boast major sporting victories linked to this event, were the event’s main sponsor.

Eberhard & Co., Swiss watchmakers, was a sponsor in the capacity of Official Timekeeper and presented a special model for the occasion, the Champion V Targa Florio, dedicated to the 100th edition and to the competitors having the chance to relive this wonderful experience. 

Another official Targa Florio sponsor was Ma.Fra, a leading company in the car cosmetics sector which offered special treatment for the bodywork and interior of vintage cars taking part between one leg and another, all against the backdrop of the Madonie mountains. 

Poste Italiane was also an Official Sponsor of the event, adding to the leading brands lined up alongside Targa Florio. The celebratory stamp of the 100th edition was presented yesterday, 7 May 2016, at Teatro Al Massimo. 

On this occasion Targa Florio offered its support to ANT that has long since been involved in providing homecare for cancer patients. 

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