Targa Florio: Four events and leading names to celebrate the 100th edition of “A Cursa”

19 April 2016 Classic

Four racing events planned with the prestigious addition of the Ferrari Tribute and Passion Day at Teatro Al Massimo. Muthar Kent, CEO of Coca Cola and FIA Chairman, Jean Todt to attend the events in Sicily


Rome – The 100th edition of Targa Florio was presented today, on Tuesday 19 April 2016, at the Automobile Club d'Italia in Rome, attended by the Chairman of ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani, the Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando, the Mayor of Cefalù, Rosario La Punzina, the Chairman of Automobile Club di Palermo, Angelo Pizzuto and the General Manager of ACI Sport, Marco Rogano.

From 5 to 8 May 2016 Targa Florio Rally, Targa Florio Historic Rally, Targa Florio Classic and Historic Speed with the prestigious addition of the Ferrari Tribute will attract the attention of thousands of Sicilian fans along the roads which have paid witness to the endeavours of the most important drivers in the history of car racing.  

It is impossible to speak of the Targa without thinking of the area where it is held, and the culture of an island which has given so much to Italy and the world. The fortunes of an event, which has been able to continue over the years and reach its 100th edition in 2016, are to be found within this symbiosis between the sporting event and the culture of the land where it is held.”- The Chairman of ACI, Angelo Sticchi Damiani opted to do the honours as follows – “Automobile Club d’Italia has always supported this event, accompanying it in its growth, and taking part in a complex project which has also been developed, in recent years, through close working relations with Automobile Club Palermo".

An important competition which comprises four exclusive events, the Targa Florio International Rally of Sicily the Targa Florio Historic Rally, the Targa Florio Classic and the Targa Florio Historic Speed. From 5 to 8 May, we can all be the stars of a unique event that will trace the most magnificent legs of the race which was held for the first time in 1906. A large-scale undertaking which sees the utmost commitment from the men and women of Automobile Club d’Italia, to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and worthy homage is paid to that crazy idea, to Vincenzo Florio’s far-seeing, yet also extremely modern and revolutionary project” concluded Chairman Sticchi Damiani.

The 100th Targa Florio is a global event -  the Chairman of  Automobile Club di Palermo, Angelo Pizzuto affirmed today, not only because the oldest race in the world marks the evolution of a century of car racing, but because it celebrates the “Targa Florio” phenomenon which characterised an era from a cultural, historical and social, as well as from a sporting viewpoint. A cultural movement was born from the intuition of the magnate, Vincenzo Florio, who chose to follow his passion in 1906 by organising the 1st edition. A movement which has led the rulers and nobility of all of Europe to the Targa finishing line, mixing the professional sporting aspect of a hard and tough race with high society which promoted exhibitions, balls – a truly one-off style which influenced the work of architects and artists worldwide” concluded Pizzuto

The Mayor of Palermo, Leoluca Orlando and the Mayor of Cefalù, Rosario La Punzina, who attended the conference, wanted to bring greetings from two of the locations that have always represented Targa Florio and Sicily the world over. The two locations are both acknowledged as UNESCO sites.  Palermo and its history, Cefalù and its breath-taking landscapes are ready to host and celebrate  the 100th edition of Targa Florio.

Targa Florio Rally, the 100th Targa Florio is the third date of the Italian Rally Championship, valid for the Regional Championship, but also the third seasonal round of the Italian Vintage Car Rally Championship which will see a return to the streets of Sicily of those cars which made the Targa great during the 1970s and 1980s, rally’s golden years.

Targa Florio Historic Rally, the special “Targa 100” race will involve cars racing past the shrine of car racing, for both rallies from Floriopoli to Cerda. In other words, the Floriopoli stands, the heart of the four events of the 100th Targa Florio. Palermo, Campofelice di Roccella, Cefalù, Cerda, Collesano and Gratteri are the towns where the Targa started and expanded and where it continues to be held, looking to the long-term future.

Targa Florio Classic, the exclusive regularity race for cars of specific historical and sporting value, represents the key event for vintage car lovers. The “Classica” will offer the chance to admire the most beautiful vintage cars of the most prestigious brands built between 1906 and 1970 which will race along the roads of the Madonie mountains and all of Sicily. 

Historic Speed is the event which, under the careful supervision of Giancarlo Minardi, will provide the 100th Targa Florio with the opportunity to re-admire the champions that have written the history of this race along the traditional route from Floriopoli to Cerda; from Jacky Ickx to Nino Vaccarella, from Arturo Merzario to Gijs van Lennep, along with Sandro Munari, Carlo Facetti, Nanni Galli, the Austrian driver Helmut Marko and many other leading names. The cars taking part will be just as spectacular. From the Alfa Romeo T33 to the Porsche Carrera Slrs of the Historic Museum to Ferraris”.

The list of leading names attending the Targa Florio will also include the FIA Chairman, Jean Todt and Muthar Kent, CEO of Coca Cola.

There will also be a one-off meeting in Palermo with the drivers and stars that have written unforgettable pages in the history of the oldest car race in the world, to celebrate the 100th Targa Florio.

From 4:00 pm, Saturday 7 May 2016 at Teatro Al Massimo in Palermo, Passion Day with an audience of fans.

Mauro Coppini director of FormulaPassion.it together with Ezio Zermiani will interview the leading names in car racing that have taken part over the years in the Targa Florio.

Ninni Vaccarella the “preside volante” a legendary figure linked to the Madonie mountain race, Mauro Forghieri, Jacky Ickx, Helmut Marko, Hans Hermann, Vic Elford, Andrea de Adamich, Arturo Merzario, Sandro Munari, Nanni Galli and Carlo Facetti are just some of the guests who will attend the event in Palermo which is part of the official programme of celebrations for the 100th Targa Florio organised by ACI  Sport. Entrance is free of charge.

The 100th edition of Targa Florio will boast the involvement of leading brands whose names will be associated with “a cursa”. Alfa Romeo and Abarth that have achieved important wins in this race will be the Main Sponsors of the event. 

For the first time, Eberhard & Co. will be a Sponsor in the capacity of Official Time Keeper and will present a special model dedicated to the 100th Targa Florio and the competitors who will have the chance to enjoy this incredible experience. 

Another Official Sponsor of Targa Florio will be Ma.Fra, a leader in the automobile cosmetics sector that, among the setting of Sicily’s Madonie mountain roads, will offer a special treatment for the vintage cars’ valuable interiors and prestigious bodywork between one race leg and another.

Poste Italiane will also be an Official Sponsor of the event, further adding to the leading brands supporting Targa Florio.

On this occasion, Targa Florio will offer its support to ANT which has been involved in home care for cancer patients for many years.

For all race information, visit www.targa-florio.it

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