Targa Florio Classic

In 2018 the “Cursa” will be an exclusive opportunity to be experienced in Sicily from October 4th to 7th.

Targa Florio was born in 1906 when on May 6 took place the first edition of this competition, destined to become the most famous race in the world. Icon of Italy and, above all, Sicily, whose passion, traditions and attachment to its cherished event were spread throughout the world. Targa Florio was born thanks to the enlightened and visionary talent of Vincenzo Florio, who had an entrepreneurial spirit but also was a man of great intelligence and culture who loved his land. Florio saw far when he said: “What are cars for if you do not build roads where they can go?”.

Since the victory of Alessandro Cagno, a young mechanic from Turin, on a Itala in the first edition, other 98 wins have followed. Targa Florio stopped only because of the world wars. After that its glorious path has never known a break.

The only thing that remains unchanged is the deep passion of its people. This passion expresses and shares the values of Sicily and reveals colors, smells, flavors, traditions and history of a land where hospitality is a cult.

Partner Istituzionali

  • Automobile Club Italia
  • ACI Storico
  • AC Palermo
  • Regione Sicilia
  • Città di Palermo
  • Epoca Championship