Competitors’ area

Welcome to Targa Florio Classic’s competitors’ space. On this page you are able to sign up to the race and download the program of the event.

You can also have access to logistical facilitations offered to the competitors by our partners ACI Global and Grimaldi Lines.


If you wish to ship your classic car, you can contact Targa Florio organizers who will address you to one of the three ACI Global’s car parks located in Novara, Brescia and Bologna. The transport is included in the entry fee.

In order to allow the best development of logistical activities, this service can be requested within 4th September


For those who prefer arriving in Palermo driving their own vehicle or transporting it on a trailer, Grimaldi Lines offers personalized services which can meet any need. Grimaldi cooperates with Targa Florio from Livorno and Salerno to Palermo and back. If you want to have any further information or you intend to reserve the service, please download the PDF file you see at the bottom of this page.

For any further information and to reserve the car carrier trailer transport you can send an email (, or call the administrative office (+39 091300468, +39 3388590498).

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Partner Istituzionali

  • Automobile Club Italia
  • ACI Storico
  • Ac Palermo
  • Regione Sicilia
  • Città di Palermo