Targa Florio Classica is a challenge between Mario Passanante and Giovanni Moceri

12 October 2019 Classica

In between Palermo and Agrigento cities, in Corleone, Passanante overtakes Moceri at the top of the ranking. At the end of the second leg there are eight hundredths of a second separating the two Top Drivers with the Fiat 508 C, the third is Antonino Margiotta with the Volvo PV 444. Today there's the final stage on the Madonie, the Sicilian Grande Evento of Automobile Club Palermo and Automobile Club Italia, with ACI Sport and ACI Storico support.

Three hundred and sixty-four kilometers have been run by the teams in the first two legs of the Targa Florio Classica and, after just over twelve hours of competition, there are only eight hundredths of a second to separate two leading competitors. Yesterday has beena second day of the "Cursa" 2019 which has given strong emotions and has required great commitment, in full style of the Campionato Italiano Grandi Eventi ACI Sport. 

Second leg was the onethat saw the strong comeback of Mario Passanante, the Campobellese who with the 1937 Fiat 508 C in the MAFRA colors and with Himara Bottini codriver, overtakes Giovanni Moceri in Corleone. Moceri, on board of an identical model of the Turin car, but from 1939 and in the colors of the Scuderia Targa Florio, with which he was in the lead of the race after the first PC.

A very good result by Passanante, but not enough to allow him to look at today's third leg with too much confidence: "It was a beautiful day. The route was wonderful, the fight with Moceri was exciting". Moceri has nothing to complain, perhaps ... "Some of my small smears have influenced, but on 360 kilometers and sixty trials I also feel good. With Valeria Dicembre we are practically perfect but today it will be different, the roads of the myth they will give us a different chance ".

It will still be fight in the next few hours at Tribune di Cerda, Floriopoli, Caltavuturo, Polizzi Gerosa, Cefalù in which Nino Margiotta hopes to continue head recovery to the lead of the race. The Campobellese with the 1947 Volvo PV 444, with his wife codriver Valentina La Chiana, is third with just over a second to recover. 

The Italian regularity champion 2019, Massimo Zanasi, is confirming his title also in the Grandi Eventi on the Volvo Amazon PV200 1958 as he is fourth, slightly ahead of the Andrea Giacoppo, excellent fifth with the Mercedes 230 SL of 1965. Fabbri is sixth in the Volvo PV 544 1965, Cavalleri is seventh with one of the oldest cars: the Fiat 508 Spider of 1932, ahead of Sergio Sisti  on the 1937 Lancia Aprilia, following from Ermanno De Angelis, on the Cisitalia 202 SMM Nuvolari of 1947, lined up by the MAUTO Museum of Auto Torino affiliated with ACI Storico, while Ezio Sala is tenth with the Lancia Aprilia of 1937 in the colors of Emmebi 70.

The first of the foreign crews is fourteenth, the Japanese Yokota Mashiro and Oki Etsuko on the Lancia Aprilia 1937, while forty-sixths are the Dutch Van Der Ent Frank and Postma Pieter on the Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1967.

Targa Florio Classica 2019 is supported by the Official Sponsors ACI Global Servizi, MAFRA, SARA, by the Official Timekeeper TAG Heuer, in addition to the Technical Partners Chin8Neri, Winner.

Partner Istituzionali

  • Automobile Club Italia
  • ACI Storico
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  • Regione Sicilia
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